Stories and Testimonials

Family & Guardians

"Community Living has given my brother a way to participate more fully in life.  His choices are respected and his interests are supported.  He receives the physical care he needs, but the difference between Community Living and other supportive living providers is that his interests become a priority too.  Hobbies and friendships are key to emotional happiness, and his support staff see that those are pursued.  The support staff have been very receptive to my brother's needs, which have varied throughout his time with Community Living.  I can honestly say they can meet the needs of many different clients and do it well.  As an advocate and family member, I am confident that my brother is receiving great care and support.  I am always thrilled to share my experiences with Community Living with other families of differently abled members.  Community Living has let me be a sister rather than a caregiver, and I am forever grateful". - Heather is Joe's sister.

 "My sister Laurie has been with Community Living for about 30 years.  They have always supported her with respect and compassion as she transitioned from group home to independent living and now with one on one total care.  Community Living is always available to address all of our questions and concerns.  It feels good knowing that Community Living is there to meet all my sister's needs" - Dave is Laurie's brother.

"My brother Bill has blossomed in ways I never could have imagined since he moved in with Community Living.  His verbal skills are so much better; he's more aware of what is going on in the world and in his community; he's an avid sports fan, knowing who wins and who loses; he expresses his opinions about everything; and I'm not sure he's had a real sick day, a huge change from his days at home.  I really appreciate how responsive the staff is to exploring ways to enrich Bill's life and working with his hands-on family.  While he is excited to come home for visits, he's entirely happy to return to his home"  - Paula is Bill's sister

"Our sister has been with Community Living since its start.  She receives wonderful care, and we have never had an issue with her care.  We are kept informed of her care and have a chance to be involved in decisions, large or small.  Staff sees that she regularly visits her doctors and dentist, and have stayed with her, past their shift end, when she has fallen and needed to go to the emergency room.  At times, I say she has a better social life than I do with outings, BBQ's and birthday celebrations.  Community Living is her second family, she enjoys her many friends" - Kathy is Carolyn's sister.

"As parents of a client in Community Living for more than 30 years we have seen many good things happening.  We are very pleased with Darren's staff and the care given to all of the clients.  You manage to keep spirits high and purring along.  Keep up the good work and we continue to pray for the organization" - Dan and Molly are Darren's parents.

 "Lee has progressive dementia which requires 24 hour 1 to 1 coverage.  His residential services are excellent thru Community Living.  As difficult as his care has become they are consistently thorough, caring and competent.  The Community Living staff go above and beyond.  He has been their client for over 35 years". - Laurie is Lee's sister.

Individuals In Program

"My life is pretty good.  I enjoy being around my staff, they have helped me to learn to cook and have really been helping me with my life skills.  I exercise and go to Special Olympics and I love it" - Christina has been receiving services from Community Living since 2012.

"Over the years Community Living has supported me to live independently in the community in my own home.  They've assisted me to make arrangements to take long distance trips, go camping, provide social support, maintain my own apartment, transport me to dr. appointments and recently, assisting me with my medications.  I really feel Community Living would be a great organization for people like me that need support to live independently in the community" - Neil has been supported by Community Living for over 30 years.

"Community Living has helped me to move into an apartment with my dog Murphy.  I get to do lots of things like go to the beach, Mariner games and go to the Tricities to visit my sister.  My staff help me with my money, take me to practice, doctor appointments and to take Murphy to get groomed" - Sharon has been with Community Living for about 6 years.

"They help me clean my apartment, take my meds, cook my meals and take me on trips.  My staff is so good, I want to keep her for a long time.  She cares about me and helps me be independent" - Debbie has been receiving services from Community Living for over 26 years.

Direct Support Staff

"I never knew when I first got hired at Community Living how much I would end up loving my job.  It is an awesome feeling knowing that everything I do here has a direct impact on enriching the client's lives.  I have never had a job that was more fulfilling and purposeful.  The staff and the clients really become like an extended family" - Christina is a past CRSA Direct Support Professional Award nominee.

"Community Living is a good place to work because there is teamwork and support available even in the challenges with the work we do.  Everything we do effects how the clients feel about themselves and their lives" - Janis has been employed at Community Living for over 22 years, and is a past CRSA Direct Support Professional Award nominee.

"Community Living does so much for the clients, so they can work in our community, do fun activities and trips.  Their lives are full here and it is giving each and everyone the opportunity to succeed in life.  We have the greatest bosses here and they are very understanding as we all know life is full of surprises, they are willing to help out in any situation.  I have been here for almost three years and still love it". - Jackie has been employed with Community Living for about 3 years.

"I have seen so much growth in our clients lives due to the aid and support of every member of our staff.  It makes me proud to see the changes of people with different cultures, religion, and social statures become one, become family.  From our supervisors to staff to clients, I am very grateful to be a part of this family. - Cody has been employed with Community Living for about 2 years.

"One of the things that I love most about my job is that it's rewarding!  I love witnessing what happens with a little teaching and guidance from staff.  Our clients become active, contributing members of the community.  I go to work with a purpose everyday knowing the work we do here is important.  At the end of the day, I leave with a satisfying and accomplished feeling that we make a difference in the quality of our clients lives". - Bobbi has been employed by Community Living for about 2 years.