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Now Serving Grandview

Community Living is proud to announce that services are now being provided to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.  Community Living has been developing a team of dedicated direct support staff to provide services to 28 individuals living in the city of Grandview.  Our team is very excited about being chosen to provide these necessary services to this community, individuals with developmental disabilities, and their families.


48 Years Strong

Community Living celebrates 48 years of dedicated service to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.  Opening as Spring Acres Group Homes in 1969, community Living has now grown to support over 175 people with developmental disabilities in several communities in Asotin, King and Yakima Counties.  Community Living prides itself on individualized teaching and training supports in all aspects of daily living.


Dan Baker Staff Appreciation Day

Dan Baker Staff Appreciation Day is in honor of Dan Baker, parent of a person living in the Yakima Community Living program and long time board member, who also served eight terms as Community Living Board President.  Mr. Baker is a long time advocate of Direct Support Staff and of the dedicated work they do.  Since his retirement from the Community Living Board, in recognition of his dedicated work, Community Living has set aside a day each summer to recognize all Direct Support Staff in the work that they do.  Staff were recognized this past summer by the management teams of each of the four Community Living branches.