Agency Support

Community Living is a 501 (c) (3) private non-profit agency that provides supportive living services to persons with developmental disabilities and their families.


Making a Donation

Tax deductible contributions may be made at any of the agency locations.  All monetary donations received go strictly towards enhancing the services for the individuals we provide services to.  Donations may be made to a specific program or can be made to the agency in the memory of someone.  For questions about monetary donations, please contact Randy Hauck, Executive Director, Corporate Office.  For donations of goods and services please contact the branch office to get specific details on what things can be accepted.


How to Help

Your help is needed!  Please consider making a donation to Community Living to help support our Client Activity Fund or our Staff Recognition Fund

Client Activity Fund

Community Living strives to keep the individuals we support as active as possible.  Unfortunately, the costs of activities can really have an effect on a client's budget, especially when they must rely on social Security benefits to pay for their daily living expenses.  The impact of these costs also has an effect on Community Living's budget, paying for the staff portion of tickets and entry fees to events that the individuals we support attend can be costly.  When setting up events we look to see if any reduced fees are available for attendants supporting people with disabilities.  However, in a number of cases we must pay full price for the staff to attend and support the individual in our program.

Each branch of Community Living has a Client Activity Fund, a fund created to pay for the entry fees/tickets of the staff supporting the client, as well as providing financial assistance in paying for entry fees/tickets and meals at the events for the clients that may need a little help to pay for the costs of the event.  This fund also helps pay for the attendant costs of entry fees for those staff supporting the individual at the event. This fund is replenished through donations and small fundraisers the individual branches may do.

Consider making a donation to the Client Activity Fund so that we may be able to continue to support individuals in our program to attend activities.  Donations may be sent to our Corporate Office and are tax deductible.

 Staff Recognition Fund

Direct Support Staff are the key to ensure that individuals with developmental disabilities are successful in their communities.  This fund helps pay for the Dan Baker Staff Appreciation Day as well as other Direct Support Staff recognition throughout the year.  Recognition for a job well done is important and is a good measure of the quality of support that is provided.  Reimbursement rates to providers that are used to set wages and benefits are set legislatively and do not automatically increase with inflation, resulting in Direct Support Staff wages just slightly higher than the state's minimum wage. 

Each branch of Community Living has a Staff Recognition Fund, a fund created to help recognize the quality and dedicated support our Direct Support Staff do on a daily basis.  This fund pays for the recognition and an occasional recognition lunch for our Direct Support Staff.

Consider making a donation to the Staff Recognition Fund so that we can continue to recognize our Direct Support Staff in the dedicated high quality work that they provide to the individuals we support.  Donations may be sent to our Corporate Office and are tax deductible. 


Employer Giving Program

Do you or someone you know have an employer giving program or employer matching program?  If so this may be a great opportunity to partner this matching program to your favorite non-profit.  Many employers give this opportunity to their employees and it is a great way for small amounts of giving to add up quickly.  These types of programs are a huge benefit to non-profits, by employers supporting causes that their employees care about, and directing funds to their favorite charitable organizations.  There are many employers that offer this type of benefit to their employees.  Find out if you may have this opportunity with your employer and set up an employer giving or matching program to partner with your favorite non-profit.

Community Living would be very thankful for any partnership opportunities with these types of programs.  Your giving can go a long way in helping people we support in our programs.