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Text Box: Community Living has been supporting people with developmental disabilities since 1969.  During the past 40+ years we have seen the quality of life for people with developmental disabilities increase dramatically. In 1969, people with developmental disabilities were supported in the State's seven institutions with as many as 40 people per hall and with little recognition being given to them as human beings with rights, abilities, and individual worth. The combined total population of the seven state institutions was over 8,000 people. Today the State's six institutions support a combined total of 1,300 people. Today most people with developmental disabilities reside in their own communities living either in their own homes or with their families. As has been our Board and Agency's belief, today people with developmental disabilities have the right to live, learn, and work in the community just like everyone else.
Over the years we have become known as a dynamic, ever evolving, creative, exciting, risk taking, cutting edge agency. We have been listed as one of the top residential programs for people with developmental disabilities in the nation by Syracuse University's Center for Human Policy. We have been sought out for assistance and consultation by providers from Canada, Ireland, England, New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii, New York, and Wisconsin.
In order to maintain our very high and reputable standards our focus is always on how we deliver services and decisions are based on what is in the best interest of the people to whom we provide services.  

Through combined efforts of our staff, families and community, we are able to provide a safe, high quality learning environment in which each person we provide services to experiences success every day.  

421 S. 47th Avenue	1220 Yakima Valley Hwy, St. B	4301 Tieton Drive	2737 152nd Ave. NE	6216 S. 255th St.
YAKIMA, WA. 98908	SUNNYSIDE, WA. 98944	YAKIMA, WA 98908	Building 5, Unit D	#DD-103
(509) 966-2650	(509) 839-3099	(509) 966-1998	REDMOND, WA 98052	KENT, WA. 98032
 FAX (509)  966-2291	FAX (509) 839-3599	FAX (509) 966-2980	(425) 885-4027	(253) 859-8770
			FAX (425) 885-4064	FAX (253) 859-8799






























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