Community Living is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit agency that provides residential services to persons with developmental disabilities and their families.

Community Living has been supporting individuals with developmental disabilities since 1969.  During the past 45 years we have seen the quality of life for people with developmental disabilities increase dramatically.  In 1969, people with developmental disabilities were mostly supported in Washington State's seven institutions with as many as 40 people per residence hall, with little recognition being given to them as human beings, having rights, abilities, and individual selfworth.  The combined total population of the seven state institutions was over 8,000 people.  Today most people with developmental disabilities reside in their own homes in their own communities. As has been our Board of Directors and Agency's belief, people with developmental disabilities have the right to live, learn, and work in the community just like everyone else.

Over the years Community Living has become known as a dynamic, ever evolving, creative, exciting, and cutting edge agency.  We have been listed as one of the top supportive living programs for people with developmental disabilities in the nation by Syracuse University's Center for Human Policy.  Community Living has been sought out for assistance and consultation by providers from Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, Mexico, and New Zealand, as well as providers from the states of Hawaii, New York, and Wisconsin.

In order to maintain our very high and reputable standards our focus is always on how we deliver services and decisions are based on what is in the best interest of the people to whom we provide services.

Through combined efforts of our staff, families and community, we are able to help develop skills and abilities to enhance individual's Health & Safety, Power & Choice, Status, Relationships, Integration Opportunities, and Competence.


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Through teamwork; developing skills and abilities to enhance individual's Health & Safety, Power & Choice, Status, Relationships, Integration Opportunities and Competence.